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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just Accept That You’re An Atheist

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Over at Sisyphus Fragment, there's a good post about just admitting that you're an atheist.

I don’t blame anyone for wanting to not be dragged through the trash just for being a non-believer but I feel like this is sort of a “free rider” situation where we are running around suing and fighting for secularism and these folks get the benefit of it with little to no effort

I agree. Some of the other terms do say more about what we believe rather than what we don't, but I think it's also important to stand up for what you don't believe.



Makarios said...

Ya, or just tell people that you belong to one of the other denominations, like humanist, or free thinker or secularist, or Marxist or Pantheist. You don't have to identify as a fundamentalist.

mathyoo said...

except part of what sisyphus fragment was talking about was trying to take back the word "atheist", and to get over our own biases against that word.

Anonymous said...

How can you be a fundamentalist of a one sentence philosophy?

You cannot be a fundamentalist atheist, it's not logically possible.