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Monday, March 9, 2009

God doesn't believe in atheists

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On the way home from a meeting today and ended up behind a car with this bumper sticker:

At first, I wanted to just roll my eyes at the cliché, but then I realized that it was true. No gods can believe in atheists, because entities that do not exist cannot hold beliefs. Christians just don't seem to realize how inane they can be.



vjack said...

The thing that gets me is how that particular slogan seems to attack atheists rather than what we believe (or don't believe). Even the most hostile atheist slogans I've seen focus on religion or religious beliefs rather than attacking Christians.

mathyoo said...

well, when your arguments for your position are invalid, all you're left with are ad hominem attacks.

Nikki said...

How can something we don't know exist believe in anything? If God doesn't beleive in Athesist, why did he give life to people that are athesist.

mathyoo said...

that comment doesn't quite make sense.

Anonymous said...
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ClickClick said...

...It is the name of a book that you could read and would probably find interesting. You can pick it up for under $5 on amazon.

Vjack, I agree. The slogan should be "God doesn't believe in atheism." But don't mistake atheist slogans that do not attack Christians as meaning atheists do not attack them! You can present yourself in a "politically correct" fashion that is not really consistent with your true feelings....likewise, do not mistake this slogan that you perceive as a personal attack as meaning that all Christians want to put atheists down as people.

Nikki, just because you created something doesn't mean you choose to control it. The point is that choice lies with the creator.

Justin said...

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