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Friday, February 6, 2009

Incoherent Ramblins on the Denver Examiner site

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The "spiritual living" examiner at the Denver Examiner has this rambling collection of nearly random words.


How is it possible to deny a higher force when actually experiencing the beauty of the natural world? -not just looking at and analyzing the aspects that compose a nice setting, but feeling at one’s inner core an inherent alignment with harmonious balance.

As one of the posters said:
Just more content-free new age confusion. Not one coherent sentence in the piece. Small wonder it's so easy to start cults and gather followers among today's "seekers."

and part of my response:

Actually, it's quite easy to state with a clean "concience" [sic] that the universe seems to be the result of natural processes. Complexity is not the hallmark of design. In fact, it's just the opposite. Good design is always simple, elegant and purposeful. The universe is full of messy, inelegant and uncontrolled processes.


Anonymous said...

That's fun, I love the comments on the newspaper forums. I had this one in regards to an article I wrote concerning Humanism and a neglected dog that was found in our town (I have to confess, I still have a difficult time reading it and don't know exactly what it means):

"If she didn't declare yourself a humanist would that mean she would save an animal first? I think all of us feel that the live of a human is more important without giving it some kind of whatever a humanist is supposed to be."

Anonymous said...
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