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Thursday, January 29, 2009

I thought Christians believed that lying was a sin?

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Way back in early October, I posted on an idiotic blog post about Colorado's Amendment 48.

Then, on January 10, a visitor calling herself Jessica (it will soon be apparent why I question whether that's even her real name) commented about the post, pretending to be ignorant of the whole issue.

She commented a second time saying the post was from gingiedmonds.com. I guess I should have paid more attention. Apparently, she wasn't paying attention to my post. I clearly linked to the post I was fisking, and even linked to the site where where Allen J. Troupe, the author of the post I was referring to, referenced the text he was posting, and I noted that I had searched that site (http://survivors.la) but hadn't found the article there.

Today, "Jessica" commented yet again on that post, telling me that she had been lying all along. Below is the full content of her comment, with my responses.

You guys want to hear something really funny?! I'm Gingi's sister! That's right! However, I didn't lie about being new to blogger.com so if it doesn't say my name this time I'm Jessica, the one who posted earlier

I don't find it particularly amusing, but whatever...

Why'd I lie? Couple reasons...

It doesn't matter why. Lying is a sin, according to your religion, right?

I thought it was hilarious that you kept digging on Ging for never siting medical text where doctors agree when human life begins. I found it funny that you were so pissed about her doing that, that you mentioned it about 80 times. Yet not once did you provide "facts" that prove medical science dosen't agree whenlife begins (you couldn't do it because you had no "facts".) I even gave you the opportunity to bring forth your "facts", and guess what? You couldn't do it.

And I thought it was hilarious that you can't spell. I wasn't "pissed" about anything. I was merely refuting the illogical, unfounded claims of an obviously ignorant religious wingnut. Contrary to your exaggeration, I did not dig on "Ging" 80 times for not "siting" [sic] sources, and I did, in fact reference the 1989, amici curiae brief prepared for the Supreme Court case of William Webster v. Reproductive Health Services, where 167 scientists and physicians, including twelve Nobel laureates, argued: There is no scientific consensus that a human life begins at conception, at a given stage of fetal development, or at birth. The question of "when a human life begins" cannot be answered by reference to scientific principles like those with which we predict planetary movement. The answer to that question will depend on each individual's social, religious, philosophical, ethical, and moral beliefs and values. This is an easily verifiable fact. I could easily have come up with more examples of the lack of scientific consensus about when a human life begins, but felt that one example of that caliber should suffice to make my point.

The other reason, and pretty much the main one to why I first wrote to you. You tried to make it look like you made this an open letter to my sis, yet I know as well as you that you never tried to contact Gingi. I even made a joke about feeling silly about not looking up her name in the first place. Because it was so painfully obvious that you never tried to contact her. You would either have to be completly retarded when it comes to computers (which I know you aren't, seeing as you can figure out this site when I can't) and not know how easy it is to run a search. Or, you wanted to make it appear you posted this "brilliant" blog and Gingi was too scared to respond.

First of all, I had no knowledge of your sister, and was responding to Allen J. Troupe, who made no mention of your sister, other than putting her name at the bottom of the letter. When I went to the site he referenced, that letter did not appear anywhere. I, for one, have a pretty busy schedule and tracking down someone to let them know that I had posted on something they wrote which was then posted on another site, which was then posted on some guys blog isn't worth my time. I never once mentioned or even suggested that Gingi was too scared to respond. Having known a fair number of anti-choice crusaders, the last thing I would think is that one of you is too scared to respond-you're all too eager to shove your religion and your view point down the throats of those who don't agree with you.

Secondly, the day after I originally posted that, my wife and I found out that she had had a miscarriage, and we were more than a bit busy with dealing with that. Would I have tracked down Gingi? probably not. However, I know when I originally posted that I had intended on returning to Mr. Troupe's blog and leaving a comment for him linking back to my post. Shit happens.

I gave you an out! I said, "Also, what was Gingi Edmonds responce?". All you had to say was, I never sent it to her or, I've never contacted her. But, no...you had to prove me right again.

I'm not sure what I was proving "right", but like I said, I'm pretty busy these days, and responding to comments from people with remedial reading and spelling skills is generally something I don't have time for.

I'll break it down for you. Medical science HAS ALWAYS AGREED when life begins. Since I know you know your way around a computer do your own research before you post a blog boasting your own willful ignorance. Otherwise you just look foolish.

Someone sure looks foolish. I've done quite a bit of searching, and I can't find a single reputable scientific or medical source that claims to have a definitive consensus on when life begins, and certainly no consensus on when the fetus becomes a person.

And last of all, (this may sound harsh) grow some balls. If you spend all that time "debunking" and "ripping apart an opposing view" have the balls to say it to someones face. Otherwise you'll just look like a coward who is too afraid to engage someone with an opposing view.

You're probably right, I should have taken the time to at least post a comment on Mr. Troupe's blog. As I've explained above, things were a bit crazy back then, and I'm not going to apologize for that.

These views are entirely my own. If you want to talk to my sister I suggest contacting her.

Since Amendment 48 was defeated on November 4 by an incredibly wide margin (73.5% opposing to 26.5% in favor), why on earth would I want to engage in a debate about that amendment?

God bless,

Thanks, but keep your god to yourself.

I have no idea why so man Christians are perfectly ok with lying about crap like this. You accuse me of not having any balls, but, really, I was a tad lazy and super busy. You on the other hand, were so cowardly that you had to go out of your way to deceive me, rather than being up front and honest about your motives. You could have told your sister about the post and had her contact me directly, but you'd rather play your little passive-aggressive games and call me names. If you really are a Christian, you should be ashamed of yourself for lying, run to your nearest clergy and confess your sins.

And one more thing. Why is it that so many Christians can barely read and write English? It seems like every email and post I see by a wingnut is so full of spelling and grammar errors that I feel like I'm communicating with a fourth grader.


jessica said...

It's Jessica again! Yay! I got my own blog!

Ok, I'm feeling sick right now, so I'm going to just comment on three things right now. I'll respond in detail when I don't feel like crap.

1. Yes, I'm Gingi's sister. Yes, my name is Jessica. Add me on myspace if you want to www.myspace.com/little_ewok

2. "Ging" Is one of the many nicknames I have for my sis.

3. "siting - 2 dictionary results
site   /saɪt/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [sahyt] Show IPA Pronunciation
noun, verb, sit⋅ed, sit⋅ing.
–noun 1. the position or location of a town, building, etc., esp. as to its environment: the site of our summer cabin.
2. the area or exact plot of ground on which anything is, has been, or is to be located: the site of ancient Troy.
3. Computers . Web site.
–verb (used with object) 4. to place in or provide with a site; locate.
5. to put in position for operation, as artillery: to site a cannon."

I suggest getting a dictionary and setting aside a few hours a week to thumb through it.

I'll head back here when don't feel like crap.

Bing said...

I have a thumb-related suggestion.


Tom said...

I just finished reading a book that talks about the kind of stuff in this Colorado article. So I'll give it a plug.
It's called “Defending My God-given Right to NOT be a Christian” by Jimmy D. Kuratz. It proves that Christian theology is an invalid moral compass and that the Bible is a fraud! It gives us atheists a ton of ammunition for fending off the Christians. I bought the book off his website: www.religiousbaggage.com

clevergirl17 said...

Dear "Jessica"

If you really are Gingi's sister as you claim, then I feel sorry for you. I had to file a police report against that crazy broad for harassment-her obsession with me and her insistence on continuing to contact me despite my repeated request that she stop- left me with little choice but to involve law enforcement so unfortunately for her, there's an official record of her crazy, obsessive behavior.

Kind of like your obsession with this guys blog. You lied and made up a fake name-TWO fake names even-created a back story and then came back to the same blog like twenty minutes later to plug your sisters pathetic excuse for a website, just so you could do...what exactly? Fan the flames? Poke the bear? Be an instigator like your sister-I shudder that there is another person like "Ging" running around town-one crazy person in a family is bad enough, but two? I pray your mother had her tubes tied after the two of you idiots, because you're both just wasting everyone's time with your pathetic, nonsensical, obsessive rantings and ravings.

Feel free to visit my blog if you'd like, "Jessica"-I posted many of your sister's crazy and delusional ramblings up there, much to the world's amusement-or at least my amusement anyway.

And I have to say, telling a guy to "grow some balls"-that's pathetic-just like you! How, precisely, do you suggest that he get his point across to your "sister" in person as opposed to using a blog? Isn't that exactly what your sister does? Attempts to infect the world with her cancerous lies through the magic of the internet?

You seem to like using the dictionary. Perhaps you should look up the word "hypocritical". I know your sister had trouble reading the dictionary (News flash Miss Edmonds wench ([Gingi girl's username is "diznee-wench"]-it may mean other things too, but it also means whore. Slut. Prostitute. Whatever the little slut bag wants to refer to herself as is fine with me, and she's insulting herself so it saves me the trouble) but you seem mildly less stupid-or at the very least, not as mentally unstable.

Now that we can all clearly see that craziness runs in the family, I'm tempted to ask if sluttiness does too. But that would be a cheap shot, wouldn't it, to ask you if you're as willing and ready to spread your legs as easily as your "sister". That's the kind of thing you say when you have no interest in having any sort of productive and civilized conversation with a person.

Kind of like telling a guy to grow some balls.

Anyhow, I guess the bottom line is that you two (or one-I'm still not convinced your nothing more then 'ol Gingi girl trying desperately to defend your misguided opinions and feeble little pointless life) have shown that you can, do and are more then willing to fixate and obsess over people-your mother must be so proud.

A little later, I'm going to go ahead and post a fabulous little picture on my blog-and I'm dedicating it to the two of you.

Have a nice day. :-)

Anonymous said...
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